“Patty took into consideration many factors on our site: the farmland and fields around it, and wind and sun elements, and tailored the plant selections accordingly. At this point, we have a detailed plan incorporating trees, shrubs, turf areas, and perennial beds. I am no longer stressed out over doing something wrong with our yard.”

Tricia Shay-Puetzer,
Tricia Shay Photography

On Paper

Conceptual Design: The conceptual design uses the design program elements and demonstrates a concept or theme. Items shown on your drawing include:

  • property line boundaries for landscape design or walls for interior design
  • an outline of the area to be addressed and any recommended changes or additions
  • hardscape such as patios and decks and planting areas for landscape design
  • areas for built-in cabinetry or fixtures for interior design

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  • walls or fences
  • trees and shrubs including existing plantings to remain in the landscape
  • water features, fireplaces or any other special design focal points
  • recommended materials such as stone, brick and wood

At this time, large trees and shrub species are suggested for landscape design. Areas of perennials, annuals and containers along with furniture are only generally noted as to keep the focus on the overall design scheme. Some projects will include both interior and landscape design. An example could be moving or adding a door to provide access and circulation to an “outdoor room” or changing a furniture arrangement to allow accessibility.

Interior services can also include a variety of material changes such as wall covering, paint, flooring, window treatments, and furniture layouts.

Detailed Selections: Understanding the landscape environment, plant life cycles and cultural requirements means the right plant in the right place. This is critical to making the landscape a true success. Once the conceptual landscape design is approved, a more detailed plant selection list is presented. If the project involves interior design, specific selections based on your requirements are incorporated.

Master Plan: This is outcome of the conceptual plan after your approval of any revisions and the detailed selections. If further construction documentation is required for bidding, it is included at this time. These plans convey to a contractor the selection of materials and information needed for the project to be priced.

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