“As an award winning Interior Designer and LEED accredited professional, Patty has demonstrated excellence in design and a sincere commitment to the environment.”

Jeffery Bogart, ASID
Senior Interior Designer, Associate
Eppstein Uhen Architects

Making It Happen

Bidding Evaluation: How do you know if your bids are apples to apples? If you are bidding to several contractors, Studio Mira, LLC offers this service to assist you in determining the best fit contractor for your project. You may also select a contractor based on referrals or previous work.

Implementation: Studio Mira, LLC supports your project to completion. Hands-on selection of plants or interior finishes to answering contractor questions and jobsite visits are part of the project supervision. This service is to make sure everything is going as intended.

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Landscape Maintenance Schedule: How do you take care of your plantings after the project is finished? This service is highly recommended in order to assure that you keep enjoying your landscape for years to come.

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